At, we’re helping individuals bring nature back in to our urban environment.

Our vision is a world where everyone can have a positive impact through their own and their community’s actions in whatever green space they have available to them, be it a garden, patio, balcony, or park - a world in which we see these spaces as connected parts of the community of plants, animals and people that make up our urban ecosystem.

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The app helps people with all levels of gardening experience get out into their garden. You tell us what plants you have, we provide simple, clear advice on how to look after them, and the confidence to get your hands dirty.

Bring nature in

Gardening in an urban setting even a little is beneficial to you and the world around us all. You don't need to be a gardening superstar, you just need to get out there and start inviting nature back in.

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When thinking about gardening in urban spaces, don't forget that there is a community of wild plants out there looking for a home; a scruffy little patch where a seed can land and a wild plant can grow.

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